My Journey

I’m on a mission, directing people back to their inner self so they are able to create real lasting change in their lives and relationships both personal and work.

Remove the lack of confidence and courage and return back to what it feels like to live the life of joy, love and happiness. Empowering people to get in touch with the most powerful thing, which is their inner self.

I know what it is like to feel puzzled and have given my power away to others instead of trusting my own intuition.  I am very enthusiastic about helping people to understand their inner strength and stand in their power.

I spent years distracting myself from identifying my inner strength and ignoring my ability to create the life I wanted, by a career as a Secretary to Directors in the corporate world.  Over time I was burnt-out.  I began my own business in the skincare industry which resulted in the same pattern of behaviour, which was listening to my business coach along with others about business and not listening to my inner self.

Now, from a more empowered place of truthfulness and strength, whether it is via meditation or a mentoring session, the most important work I carry out with my clients is to encourage them to trust themselves, make a decision from a place of inner peace and not fear, build a strong internal base, learn to love themselves intensely like they could never envisage possible.  It is from this place they will see the power appear as they transition and transform their lives to have an abundance of health, wealth and happiness.